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Trent & Lauren Gilbert

Cabinet & Company is a family owned and operated cabinet design, sales and installation store. Our journey into cabinetry begins over 35 years ago with my father working in the home repair/remodeling sector. 5 years later he began working at what has now become one of the largest stock cabinet manufacturers in the USA. 

Learning how to install in my teenage years, I gained a wonderful understanding of just how much kitchens and bathrooms meant to people. While I initially chose another career path once I graduated from high school, I soon found myself working alongside my father in the cabinet industry.

While working for different manufacturers, I began learning different design programs and meeting with clients from all walks of life. During this time, I became passionate about kitchen design and careful installation.

Growing up in the industry, and being involved in all the different sides of home renovations, has given us a unique understanding and insight into all things cabinetry. Our priority is understanding the specific needs of you, the client, and using them as our north star throughout the entire kitchen and bath design process.

What we create is born from a collaboration with each client, which is why we include our clients in each step of the process to ensure that our work is exactly what you had in mind. The end result is an inspiring space that promotes well-being and a sense of peace.

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Trent and Lauren Gilbert

The Cabinet & Company Process

Cabinet Selection & Estimate

We get to know each client and their project. We gather all the information we need, including measurements, photos of your current kitchen or bath, and any photos of designs that you like. Based on this, we will personally walk you through our extensive cabinetry selection, cabinet hardware options, and different cabinet layouts.

Once we have walked you through the selection process, we will be able to generate an estimate specific to your project.

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example of a 3d kitchen design

Cabinet Design

Our design team now takes your vision and starts to bring it to life. Using the latest 3D rendering technologies, we create a 3D design of your kitchen. This incorporates your style, selected colors, and accessories. 

This allows you to see what your finished kitchen will look like.

Cabinet Installation

Once all your cabinets & hardware are delivered, our team takes care of the complete installation process. From prep, to measurements, to hanging up the cabinets. 

Depending on the size of your project, this can take between one to five days.

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